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Oliver Morgan

36V LXT LithiumIon Brushless Earth Auger Tool Only

36V LXT LithiumIon Brushless Earth Auger Tool Only

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With zero emissions, lower noise, and considerably less maintenance, the 36V (18V X2) LXT搴?Brushless Earth Auger (XGD01Z, tool only) is a welcome solution for landscapers. The earth auger provides high-performance digging with even and consistent holes. It is ideal for post-hole digging, fence installation, large planting jobs, soil sampling, and construction projects.

The Makita-built brushless motor delivers power equivalent to a 36cc gas earth auger. The XGD01Z can drill holes up to 8閿?wide and 41閿?deep. The extension bar, auger bit and blades are sold separately. There are 2 speed options (0-350 RPM, 0-1,400 RPM) to manage power and run time. A reverse switch clears the earth auger bit from high-resistance soil.

Other features include built-in L.E.D. light illuminates the work area, Automatic Speed Change to adjust drill speed and torque during drilling, and a torque limiter, which is a built-in clutch that reduces gear damage by disengaging gears if the bit binds.

Battery and Charger not included.

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