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Oliver Morgan

Niko 8Outer Slot 8Inner Slot Tool Pouch

Niko 8Outer Slot 8Inner Slot Tool Pouch

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8 outer slots, 8 inner slots.

We designed the Niko dominant side pouch with a couple of our best electrician friends . It is built on the same large volume, open pocket design as our Ox and Mule pouches. The large open pocket includes enough dividers for an arsenal of pliers and strippers along with testers and a small level while the bit index holds your most commonly used tips. There is a tape lanyard and 5 exterior driver slots along with pencil and knife slots plus a hanger for your cordless.

Attachment: Hook and Loop System

What Fits: Drivers, Pliers, Electric Tape, Bits, Pencils, Knife, Small Level

Great For: Electricians, HVAC

  • 4-slot Bit Index
  • Driver Clip Webbing Strip
  • Electrical Tape Strap
  • Hammer Holster/Flat Bar Holster鑱?/span>Compatible
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