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Oliver Morgan

Rocket Espresso R9 Automatic Espresso Machine 3 Group

Rocket Espresso R9 Automatic Espresso Machine 3 Group

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Rocket Espresso R9 Automatic Espresso Machine 鈥?3 Group

No drink order is too complex for the Rocket Espresso R9. nor are three of them at once. This essential workhorse keeps perfect shots flowing in time with the foot traffic through your busy caf鑼? and looks great doing it.

Wrapped in the classic Rocket casing of stainless steel and ergonomic controls lie some powerful features. Each group head drink station has an array of programmable buttons. Bring out unique notes in each drink by changing the shot timers or boiler temperatures. A powerful steam boiler in the back is pressure sensitive for a fast response time to keep the drinks up-to-speed.

For Americanos. tea. and safe rinsing of shot glasses. the cold water mixing valve makes the hot water output slightly aerated and splatter-free. The steam wands are oriented outward for safety and lined with cool-touch Teflon at their angled corners. A digital display under drip tray allows you to change settings such as language. or Celsius to Fahrenheit.

Features and Functionality of the Rocket Espresso R9 Automatic Espresso Machine

  • Warranty: 1-year parts and labor provided by My Espresso Shop
  • Dedicated Boilers 鈥?individual brew boilers for each group and a large quick-recovery steam boiler offer consistent temperatures all day long.
  • Executive Electronics 鈥?PID temperature control for each boiler. high-tech transducer pressure sensors and automatic shot timers make the R9 easy to use for busy baristas.
  • Barista Basics 鈥?Tall feet and a low control stance put the R9 control cluster within easy reach. No-burn steam wands are easy to clean and save precious minutes when it counts.

Note:Self installation or improper water quality may void your commercial warranty.DETAILS

  • Power: 220 Volts. 7700 Watts
  • Size: 19.6鈥?H x 23.2鈥?D x 38.6鈥?W
  • Boiler Capacity:12-liter steam boiler; 3x 1.9-liter brew boilers
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