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Oliver Morgan

Womens Biker Leather Jacket

Womens Biker Leather Jacket

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Meet our Women鈥檚 Biker Leather Jacket:鑱?If you love leather jackets, you閳ユ獧e especially going to love this motorcycle jacket!鑱絀t閳ユ獨 elegant, stunning, and extremely comfortable.

  • Awaken your independence with this symbol of rugged modernity.
  • The soft inner viscose lining complements the durable body of the jacket.
  • Made of premium crafted leather (PU) to give you a genuinely high-quality leather jacket.鑱?/span>
  • Our premium crafted products are renowned for their signature durability and are designed to look鑱絞reater with time.
  • Our expert coating enables our products to be waterproof, scratch-resistant, and abrasion-proof.


  • 鑱絊leeve Length: Full.
  • 鑱組aterial: Premium Crafted Leather (PU)
  • 鑱絋ype: PU (waterproofed).
  • 鑱紺ollar: Standing
  • 鑱紺losure Type: Zipper.
  • 鑱紺lothing Length: Regular
  • 鑱絊tyle: Casual
  • 鑱紼xposed metal zip-front closure.
  • 鑱絋wo zip pockets at front
  • 鑱?strong>Please ensure you check our sizing guide before making a purchase.

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